JC-N2 PCIE Nand Repair Machine Flash IC Programmer Repair Machine for iPhone 5SE 6s/6s Plus 7/7 Plus iPad Pro

Product Code : IPTO-JCN2

Harga : Rp 7.500.000,-

Berat : 2000 Gram

Quantity :

 JC PCIE iPhone 7 / 7P 6S / 6SP / 5SE / iPad Pro Nand test fixture, SN change tool, iPhone 6S / 6SP / 5SE iPad Pro storage upgrade, Modify Nand underlying data.

2017 New Design JC Apple PCIE nand flash repair machine for iphone 6S / 6SP / 5SE / 7 / 7P iPad Pro Nand

Optional version: ( Don''t need boot NAND, don''t need the engineering line, don''t need batttery, touch switch control, identification the nand direction)

1: JN-N1 PCIE-6S, Support iphone 6s 6sp, ipad pro NAND underlying data
2: JC-N2 PCIE-7,    Support iphone 6s 6sp, 7 7P, ipad Pro NAND underlying data

Promotion: if you order this machine, just need add 150USD, Get Model: W011 (iphone 6S and 6S plus palm test equipment).

The machine is the professional repair tool, need the professional skills and knowledges, or you can''t use it.

1. 2017 New JC PCIE NAND Test Fixture use the touch panel instead of machanical Switch. So durable, extend the life. 
2. Obsolete the engineering cable and power wire, only use the normal iPhone usb cable, so convenient.


1:  Don''t need Boot Nand Flash, easy to use
2:  Support iphone 6S / 6SP / 5SE / iPad Pro models: SN, country, color modification.
3:  Nand Flash dard-disk capacity expansion or repair. Expand your iPhone 6S / 6SP / 5SE / iPad Pro nand flash storage
4:  Batch / Mass Burning NAND, Fast and convenient
5:  Modify Nand underlying data. Kernel data file repairing
6:  Support Wifi underlying data repairing, remove WIFI Binding problem, changing WIFI IC anywhere
7:  2 kinds mode: reading / writing mode,  flashing mode
8:  When the Nand direction is error, automatic alarm, don''t damged machine
9:   Fast testing Nand problem, good or bad?
10:  Support the functions updated and extended in future.
11. new design JC PCIE machine can be updated, and support iphone 7/7p NAND, we will publish the method

Note: Before using the software and operation, pls install / the latest iTunes software.
          Software support win 7/8/10 64bit software, also support 32bit OS
          If you need the all mode iphnoe NAND, pls contact with us.
          the USB engineering data cable need good quality, not normal iphone data cable.

Software download: https://mega.nz/#!gINkHIrb!Ejys0sWRVIj6L95qKTuqGMN9m_nqt3xCWf8jGh4WpuA

User manual: https://mega.nz/#!4JVnRSYZ!VanTPLB03zUOzJ5IxOkneUQc9mCIPY3KtWBttBwxN5A


Package d:
1 x JC-N2 PCIE Nand Repair Machine 
1 x USB Data Cable



User Manual:

Download Software (Support Window OS only):







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